UniverseEverywhere is a nomadic design studio and a research laboratory

founded by Riccardo Mantelli

Riccardo Mantelli, Interaction Designer and Creative Technologist, Professor in Interaction Design and Physical Computing at the Domus Academy and the NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, has been exploring the creative use of new technologies from 22 years.

Since 1999 I have been involved in Creative Technology producing works for medium-sized companies, museums, collectors and institutions. Interaction design, installation design, responsive environment design, cross media design, media in architecture and public space are my major areas of interest and specialisation.

With the experience gained over the years working with very heterogeneous clients in terms of size and type and, at the same time, on experimental projects, I have consolidated an in-depth knowledge of the different scales of intervention, developing a peculiar working methodology, able to flexibly decline institutional needs of an international corporate as well as the dissemination needs of a project in the museum and exhibition field or the rigor of a narrative translation of a data set.

From interaction design to data visualisation and computational design, with a strong interest in Cross Media Design always focusing on the formulation of initial concepts particularly adhering to the client’s characteristics, using the languages of design and technology such as tools to develop innovative storytelling and meaningful and exciting objects.

Over the years I have created an extensive network of selected collaborators and consultants, which includes designers, architects, media artists, computer scientists, engineers, scientific consultants, storytellers, allowing me to form flexible and specialised work teams, to deal with any type of project.

Interaction Design Master in Domus Academy