Soon for CRIF SPA · Italy

We are alchemists of the digital age, blending art and technology as a nomadic design and research studio. Our coven of media artists, experience designers, and future makers form a network of creative enchanters. With the power of ancient knowledge, we transmute the past into a bright future through our research. We conjure artworks, prototypes, and interactive experiences for those willing to embrace the unknown. Join us in our quest to forge a better tomorrow.

Universe Everywhere is a celestial forge for digital art, where research and design converge. In the year 2021, it was founded by Riccardo Mantelli, who holds the title of founder and creative director.
The wizard behind the studio has cast spells for renowned brands and corporations such as Neuxpower, Disney, Asus, Hilton Worldwide Resorts, Reale Mutua, CRS4, Eni, Aworld, Miele, Parco Nord Milan, and Crif.