Museums, temporary exhibitions, events and curators

I deal with exhibitional interaction design and cross-media design, with particular attention to the initial concepts and the needs of museum exhibition projects.

I work alongside exhibition and event curators with my skills and the network of trusted professionals to design and implement even complex systems that communicate in a simple way. I am very attentive to every related aspect of each project. I want to provide fulfilling interactive experiences with a strong playful aspect through the creation of natural, simple and intuitive user interfaces. I work alongside architects and professionals to create every aspect of the setting. I prefer to be involved from the initial design phase, and to be able to manage and organize each phase of the project.


Together with a professional, create projects and provide a conscious approach to design that goes beyond the simple exploitation of the interactive potential in the tools and media used. Installation Design, exhibitional interaction design, responsive environment design and cross-media design, with particular attention to the design needs and objectives of the client.


I help companies to outline specific needs to tell about themselves and to relate to others in unique ways. I offer a clear vision of how technologies work and of the contemporary digital landscape with particular attention to user experience and visual trends. I give shape to contents that are difficult to tell by choosing the most suitable languages, technologies and approaches and eventually inventing new ones. I design even complex interactive systems that communicate in a simple way. I do all of this using digital media combined with a narrative use of physical spaces. I provide support in digital transformation with particular attention to the technological, cultural, creative and organisational aspects that the company is facing.

Universities, schools, training center and labs

Teaching is an important part of my life, it fulfills me and makes me happy. Only the idea of teaching makes me full of enthusiasm. When we teach we always look a little further, we grow by sharing and transferring the love of knowledge. Teaching is a privilege, you have the opportunity to leave a mark on the minds and hearts of students. You learn by teaching and you teach by learning.